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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Your favourite image encaptured in a piece of art.

Fill your space with art that expresses your interests.

Originally an artist majoring in portrait illustration for over 20 years – this is still very much a passion that thrives with a fascination of the details and expressions found in a face.

V.Rodriguez’s chosen medium of drawing is with graphite pencil and more recently mastering realistic pen portraits.

Not only does a commissioned artwork enable V.Rodriguez to undertake work that fuels her passion but you are able to own a one-off piece of work that portrays an artist’s artistic expression and their interpretation of the world.

Whether you are looking for a one-off unique piece of commissioned art or owning an original illustration from the V.Rodriguez online store, you know you are adding to your collection something that represents the essence of V.Rodriguez.

Get in touch to discuss your commissioned art or feel free to check out the online store for recently available prints.

Commissioned Art

A selection of commissioned works undertaken by V.Rodriguez.

Commissioned Art Testimonials

We couldn’t be happier with the amazing job Vanessa did with the artwork of our daughter and her furry friend. The most common remark when we show it off to friends and family is “I thought it was a photo, can’t believe it's a drawing”. Vanessa’s work speaks for itself and we highly recommend her for your commissioned artwork.


We wanted something different to capture our wedding and there was never a doubt of who we would ask for the task! Vanessa created the most amazing commissioned artwork capturing all the finest details and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We now have a unique and memorable piece of artwork. I can’t recommend Vanessa highly enough.


I met Vanessa around 9 years ago and followed her successes over the years both in her detailed drawings and tattoo art. When I wanted to get something special for a friend of mine whose mother passed away I knew Vanessa was the right person to do the amazing artwork. The detail was immaculate and to see the smile on my friend's face was all I needed to know how real Vanessa was able to capture the feelings in the photo. From then I commissioned a couple of artworks for my family and friends and the artistic way Vanessa was able to put my ideas down on paper was incredible I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Vanessa to anyone looking for something unique and real. She truly brought the life out of each and every piece of work she has done. My most recent experience was with Vanessa’s tattooing... my daughter had been asking for years for a tattoo and I knew there would be nobody else I would put my trust into as I knew the work she would design and create would be an amazing lifetime gift. Thank you for always going above and beyond there is just no one else who I would refer or go to again.


I chose Vanessa to recreate my favourite photo of my Gpa for 2 reasons. She is incredibly talented and extremely dedicated to her craft. I feel like the original photo has been brought to life in the drawing. The attention to detail in the artwork is phenomenal and I highly recommend Vanessa's portrait work to anyone looking for that special memory to be turned into art.


Having been tattooed by Vanessa previously, when I commissioned a drawing for a close friend I was expecting something remarkable. Instead, I got one of the most phenomenal pieces of artwork I've ever seen, it absolutely blew my mind. She kept me updated throughout the entire process and delivered something so far above my expectations, my friends face when it was unwrapped is one I'll never forget. Absolutely unbelievable, it still amazes me when I see it. Thank you so much 🙂


Vanessa is an AMAZING artist. We’re stoked to have so many of her original artworks hanging in our home. From Batman and Thor to the most lifelike portraits of our fur babies, we just wouldn’t trust anyone else to immortalise our family. Thanks, V, you are one of a kind.

Simon & Jo

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Things to consider for a great portrait.

High Res
300 DPI  Images submitted must be clean, sharp, crisp and at print quality

Photos with personality are more interesting.

Natural Lighting
Preferred, flash can create dark harsh contrast.

Crisp Eyes
Eyes must be clear, crisp and not blurry.

Size Options
Available in A2, A3 and the most popular choice A4.

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