Disney Genie – Original

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A3 Orignal Pen Illustration
by V.Rodriguez


Frame Included

Drawing Time: 25 hours

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“Genie… I wish for your freedom. Genie, you’re free! “?‍♂️✨

I never thought I’d be staring at The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and examining his face as the genie of the lamp for a ballpoint drawing.? I had a blast watching this in Gold Class ?I love the original ??? SO MUCH but the new version is different enough to be its own film but I felt paid homage to the original. Made me totally nostalgic ? .  I love the female empowerment theme that was tweaked for the role of Jasmine. I truly think it speaks of our times and although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the original, it was completely FREAKING awesome to see Jasmine hold her own. ?

I am really, really, REALLY loving ? drawing in full-colour pen ?️. I have so many ideas ? and am so excited to really push this to the limit ?. I want my work to keep growing and having that realism aspect continue to defy reality. ?

?‍♂️Have you seen the movie yet? ☺️

It’s always a little more special choosing to own an original piece of art… seeing the gloss of the pen, the texture of the pencil, the indentations of the lines on the paper and feeling the love and energy that was put into every inch of the paper is a timeless quality that only exists with the original.


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