Nebula – Original

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A4 Print
by V.Rodriguez


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Athletic ?, excellent armed/unarmed ⚔️combatant, possesses a gifted ? intellect and is a brilliant battle strategist.

One way to keep sibling rivalry alive and having Nebula develop an obsessive need to best Gamora in combat ??‍♀️Thanos would tuturously mutilate her everytime Gamora prevailed claiming he wanted her to be her equal. ?⁣

I’m enjoying drawing the different textures and working the lighting ? of Nebula, thanks to her cyborg ? enhancements by Thanos. ⁣

It’s always a little more special choosing to own an original piece of art… seeing the gloss of the pen, the texture of the pencil, the indentations of the lines on the paper and feeling the love and energy that was put into every inch of the paper is a timeless quality that only exists with the original.


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