War Machine – Original

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A4 Print
by V.Rodriguez


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?”WARMACHINEROX with an X, all caps”…

? Ladies and Gentlemen, Lieutenant Colonel James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes (War Machine). Colonel James Rhodes is the best friend ?‍♂️ of Tony Stark known as War Machine when suited up in his heavily armoured battle suit is very similar looking to IRON MAN, well at least in an outline.

Mark IV War Machine Armour a Stark developed battlesuit. ??? The latest update to suiting up “Rhodey’s” suit, built by Tony Stark and humbly drawn by me ☺️ From starting at Ironman Mark II suit the suit definitely has gone through upgrades and mods as each suit gets enhanced. ➕ The suit has so many reflective surfaces, this one has been a fun one to sketch.

It’s always a little more special choosing to own an original piece of art… seeing the gloss of the pen, the texture of the pencil, the indentations of the lines on the paper and feeling the love and energy that was put into every inch of the paper is a timeless quality that only exists with the original.


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