Woody, Buzz Lightyear & Friends – Toy Story


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A4 Illustration Print by V.Rodriguez

Medium: Pen

Drawing Time: 27 hours

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“To infinity… and beyond!”

I feel I’m not alone as being an inquisitive kid who would try to catch their toys coming to life. Kind of like trying to see if the light stays on in the fridge when the door is closed. No need to investigate, it definitely turns off – also don’t ask how I know.

As an artist, this year has really seen me dig in and start to make my art flow into more of a signature style – hence the beginnings of placing my art in geometric shapes. The launch of Toy Story 4 and all its amazing characters created the perfect opportunity to play with my strength of composition and mix in some new levels of contrast by making Woody and Buzz colour but placing the rest of their friends in an illustrative sketched black and white. I tied the whole piece together with some text which I feel resolved the artwork.

I am so happy I had the opportunity to create this artwork, the Toy Story franchise definitely has so many memories for me and the latest release does not disappoint.





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