Disney Genie


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A4 Illustration Print by V.Rodriguez

Medium: Pen

Drawing Time: 25 hours

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“Genie… I wish for your freedom. Genie, you’re free! “?‍♂️✨

I never thought I’d be staring at The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and examining his face as the genie of the lamp for a ballpoint drawing.? I had a blast watching this in Gold Class ?I love the original ??? SO MUCH but the new version is different enough to be its own film but I felt paid homage to the original. Made me totally nostalgic ? .  I love the female empowerment theme that was tweaked for the role of Jasmine. I truly think it speaks of our times and although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the original, it was completely FREAKING awesome to see Jasmine hold her own. ? 

I am really, really, REALLY loving ? drawing in full-colour pen ?️. I have so many ideas ? and am so excited to really push this to the limit ?. I want my work to keep growing and having that realism aspect continue to defy reality. ?

?‍♂️Have you seen the movie yet? ☺️




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